Architectural/ Installations

Coemar illuminates the art gallery which was held in occasion of the Christmas dinner at the Church deconsecrated San Paolo in Milan with the product: Reflection LEDko P 5600K  Installation       ...
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Milan – Coemar, ambassador of the made in Italy in the world, is proud to be present and bring the emotion of its light in an extraordinary occasion such as Expo 2015, more precisely ...
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Coemar Lighting illuminate the festival of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice and Don Bosco, with the product: Reflection LEDko P White 5600 K ...
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Coemar Lighting lights up the Great Theatre in Shandong with the products: Infinity Spot XL, Infinity Wash XL, SuperCyc ...
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05/2014 - Accademia di Santa Cecilia a Roma
Coemar in symphony: “Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia” chooses the Reflection LEDko P 3200K to light up its major concert hall named Santa Cecilia, built to host symphonic ...
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 Coemar lights the Concert House ,in Sweden,  using the range LiteLed   Installation by: Anderson & Co. - - Coemar's Sweden Partner ...
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