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ESPN- The largest world-wide sports broadcasting network with over 100 million viewers, has selected Coemar Lighting to illuminate their studios in Bristol Connecticut, Charlotte, FullSpectrum Comtelstat.   More ...
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Coemar illuminates the Tezenis Live Fashion Show 2016 with the products: Infinity Spot M, ParLite Led RGB, StageLite Led FX, iWash 575, ParLite Led Strobe, StripLite Led Installation ...
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Coemar illuminates the Calzedonia fashion show in Verona on 5th April 2016 with the products: Infinity Spot M, Infinity Spot XL, StripLite Led, ParLite Led RGB and StageLite Led FX Installation ...
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Coemar illuminates the Cultural Centre for the promotion of the agricultural history and the marine routes in eastern Peloponnese with the product Risalto 650/1000 PC. More info: ...
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Coemar illuminates the art gallery which was held in occasion of the Christmas dinner at the Church deconsecrated San Paolo in Milan with the product: Reflection LEDko P 5600K  Installation       ...
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Coemar is glad to illuminate the fashion show of the stylist Puglisi at Vetra Theater in Milan with the product Reflection LEDko P 5600K Installation by NewLight  For more ...
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