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19/12/2014 - St. Peter's Square in Rome
This year Coemar and all its team wish you and your family directly from the Vatican, where thanks to its StageLite Led FX and ParLite Led is enlightening the Nativity scene Peter's ...
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Coemar with his Reflection LEDko FullSpectrum and Reflection LEDko P5600 K illuminates the television studio "El Djazairia TV" in Algeria.   Light Contractor: Sound   To ...
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Coemar for illuminate the TV studio of TGR Lazio the Centre Production Rome Saxa Rubra, has installed the Reflection LEDko P 3200 K with Soft Profile Fresnel optics. ...
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06/2014 - Stabilimento balneare Bagni Teresita a Viareggio
 The brand of crocodile to present its new collection autumn-winter 2014-2015, chose the beautiful frame to the bathhouse Teresita in Viareggio for its catwalk on 14 June 2014  The fixture).   Installation: ...
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05/2014 - Accademia di Santa Cecilia a Roma
Coemar in symphony: “Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia” chooses the Reflection LEDko P 3200K to light up its major concert hall named Santa Cecilia, built to host symphonic ...
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Coemar has illuminated the Auditorium del Parque de la Exposiciòn en Lima,Perù, the concert of Jeal Pierre Magnet and William Luna. The choreography of light has studied “history” ...
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