Architectural/ Installations

Coemar lights up Palazzo Cordellina in Vicenza for the event “The City of Architecture”
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Coop Headquarter - Caselecchio di Reno (BO), Italy
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2012 - Florence, Italy
 Gucci Headquarter - Florence, Italy
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07/2012 - Kiev
Coemar lights at the UEFA European Football Championship's main stadium
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18/04/2012 - London - UK
The Royal Albert Hall, London’s landmark venue, has recently purchased Coemar ParLite LED fixtures as part of a major re-vamp of its auditorium lighting.   As Coemar’s level.   Coemar ...
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For Chicago based lighting design and production services company CenterStage Productions, finding the right fixture to replace Source Four® ellipsoidals with color scrollers clients. Reflection ...
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