2011 - The London Palladium
Wizard of Oz - Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Production The London Palladium   Light Designer: Hugh Vanstone Light Contractor: WhiteLight Ltd Photo by: Keith Pattison   "I ...
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WE WILL ROCK YOU - The Musical European Tour   Lighting Design - WILLIE WILLIAMS Associate Design - Richard Pacholski Production elex - Ian Moulds Light Contractor: WhiteLight Ltd   ...
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StageLite LED SC and Sequenza light up the Kremlin Ballet Company's repertoire in Moscow
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Flashdance - The Musical   Lighting designer: Howard Harrison Light Contractor: WhiteLight Ltd   WebSite: Venue: Shaftesbury Theatre, (September Foster Choreographer: ...
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Coemar once again in China Liufeng Shu, a renowned Chinese light designer, chooses lights "Made in Italy" for his shows.   Castel Goffredo (Mantua), 5th July Coemar Festival.  The ...
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Coemar lights up Oriental Art  This time, for a change, China chooses an Italian product: the Infinity Spot XLs illuminate The Guangzhou Ballet.   Castel Goffredo (Mantua), “Returning theatres.           ...
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