Coemar illuminate the Concert Hall in Vietnam, event divided into 2 parts:  - Phase 1: 18 Reflection LEDko Fullspectrum, 15 Reflection LEDko VariWhite 3000/7000, 20 ParLite Splitter.   Client/Distributor: ...
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  The traditional nativity scene realised last Christmas at the Arena di Verona,dedicated to Pope Francis,as you can see from the photos. In order to give more realism environment, ...
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 Coemar lights the Concert House ,in Sweden,  using the range LiteLed   Installation by: Anderson & Co. - - Coemar's Sweden Partner ...
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The classic “Big concert" of 1st May in Rome has seen on stage the performance of big artists and emerging groups of the Italian Music. The perfect lighting of the created events. Lighting ...
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A dialogue between Art and Light has been created at the Cathedral’s Museum of Monza, a place that keeps intact an heritage of inestimabile value. The Reflection LEDko VariWhite "Reredos" ...
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The memorable 12.12.12 Concert For Sandy Relief, organised for the benefit of the victims of Hurricane Sandy, brought together some of the best and most famous pop-rock stars, unforgettable ...
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