Reflection Series
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Reflection LEDko FullSpectrum Series 2

Uniform light beam with no pixels nor dots nor multicolor shadows 
Superiors flat field optics
Also compatible with new Fresnel and PC optics with shuttes (Soft Profile)
Guaranteed flicker-free operation (DMX controlled PWM frequency)
PowerCon In/Out, up to 16 fixtures powered in series for easy installations
The fan setting allows four options: low-noise, auto-silent, DMX, maximum speed
Instant gobos from standard printers 
No maintenance required


RGBW ad CMY modes available, with piure color mixing throughout the field and all whites from 3200 to 9000K
Digitally simulates leading del filter colors though build-in libraries 
Four blade framing system, each shutter blade is adjustable for radial position and angle
Electronic 16 bit dimming with 2 selectable curves, simulating halogen or discharge lamp based fixtures
Synchronized, random or pulse electronic strobe
Flicker-free operation with LEDs frequency controlled via DMX from 600 Hz to 19000 Hz
Fan setting with 4 different options (low-noise, auto-silent, DMX, maximum speed)
CE, ETL, UL approved 
Weatherproof rating IP20
Length: 362 mm (14.2 in)
Height: 189 mm (7.5 in)
Height with bracket: 372 mm (14.6 in)
Width: 212 mm (8.4 in)
Weight without optic: 6 Kg (13.2 in)
Modular 210W multiple LEDs 
LEDs life: 20.000 hours at 70% lumen intensity maintenance 
Setting, addressing, testing and measurements via LEDs display
AC power: 90-250 V, auto sensing, 50/60 Hz
In and Out PowerCon connectors to feed up to 8 (at 230 VaC) or 4 (at 90 VaC)
Power consumption: 1.1 A at 230 V, 2.83 A at 90 V - Cosφ 0.9
DMX data in/out: 5 pin locking XLR 
Gobo holder 
Color frame
4-leaf barndoor
Flight case 
Optics: Profile/Soft Profile, various angle available 
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Filtri e gobos (identica ad Accessori)
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