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Max Pezzali Terraferma Tour 2011

Max Pezzali Tour 2011

Lighting Project: Steve Gray
Lighting Designer: Marco De Nardi
Service: Imput Studio

Coemar's powerful Infinity devices shone a light on Max Pezzali's concert tour

A great spotlight for Max Pezzali, thanks to the power of Coemar's Infinity lights.
The Pavia singer's tour, entitled “Terraferma”, is drawing to a close. It started back on 30 April in Rome, bringing together and thrilling thousands of fans who rushed to see their idol.
Special care was dedicated to the spectacular lighting effects. The lighting system design was handled by Steve Gray and light designer Marco De Nardi, who chose 16 Infinity Spot XL and 16 Infinity Wash XL models to be positioned above the stage, along with 8 Infinity ACLS 300 models on the floor (the latter supplied by the rental company Imput Studio).
The choice of a ledwall behind the singer meant it was essential to use the most powerful moving heads on the market - Infinity Spot XL; these really know how to exploit the 1500W light source, managed not only with an exclusive zoom range from 8° to 49° but also a mechanical and electronic precision dimmer.
The Infinity Wash XL, with their 1450W power level, were used to light up the stage with an endless range of colours (mixed via Coemar's patented CMY-s system) that changed with every song. Last but not least, Steve Gray positioned the Infinity ACLS 300 on the floor to add their extremely powerful light beams whose length can be adjusted from 1.7° to 6°.

The plays of light and striking backlighting effects created by Steve Gray and light designer Marco De Nardi helped to add a further element of fun and excitement to the event.