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Irene Grandi Tour 2010

Irene Grandi Tour 2010
Service: Imput Studio Treviso
Light Designer: Adriano Sanson
Photo by: Luca Brozzi
Coemar: with Irene Grandi at The Gates of Dreams
The moving heads designed by the Castel Goffredo company lit the Italian theatres and plazas during the famous singer's concerts.
The tour of Irene Grandi has just ended. The Florentine singer presented her latest album "Alle porte del sogno" (At the gates of dreams) in the most beautiful Italian squares and theatres illuminated by Coemar projectors. 
Her concerts were an enthralling and exciting display, thanks to more than thirty Infinity series moving heads that highlighted the star's every word. 
"The design of the lights in the squares was a transposition of the show in the theatres" says the light designer Adriano Sanson who designed the installation, "but with the addition of twelve Infinity ACL - powerful and dazzling moving heads generating adjustable beams from 1.7 ° to 6° - to convey the dreamlike atmosphere, taken from the album title, easy to create in the theatre, but much more difficult to communicate in an open space where, however, it is easier to express energy".
The installation was also characterised by the Infinity XL series designed for large concerts and events in open spaces. The modular mechanics, the software updated remotely via DMX signals, and the displays replicable at a distance are in fact its trademark.
In particular twelve Wash XL were used, with an output of 1450 W that illuminated the stage with an infinite range of colours, mixed and saturated by the patented Coemar CMY-s, and twelve Spot XL giving off a unique light, from the optimal use of the 1500 W source, tamed through a unique zoom range from 8° to 49° and the mechanical and electronic precision dimmer.
Two Panorama Power completed the installation characterised by 575 W lamps with TLT dual lamp system. 
The impressive back-lighting and the extraordinary variety of aerial effects created by the Adriano Sanson project, made the romantic songs of Irene Grandi even more touching.