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Light Contractor: Elit light/sound technologies
Custumer: Su Group
The famous “Nomads” club chooses Coemar for its lighting
“Nomads” - the famous Amsterdam night-club that's become a cult for young Europeans with a love of nightlife - has chosen Istanbul as its second city, and Coemar's moving heads to make its evenings even more spectacular.
The new club echoes the style and design of its Dutch twin, but the Istanbul sibling takes on a new glamour thanks to the combination of the two great cultures of East and West, helping to make it unique. Modern elements are blended with features of modern Turkish culture to produce a fascinating place that, after dark, turns into one of the city's most popular night-spots.
The iSpot 575 MB models have been installed in the large room where, thanks to their amazing power, they create fantastic lighting effects that really accentuate the club's striking rooms. 
The moving heads from the Castel Goffredo firm - famous the world over for its entertainment lighting - are focused on the singers and musicians who perform here for the public, every night.
The iSpot 575MB, once again demonstrating that they're ideal for fixed installations, are controlled by the Director 768 mixer. 
Lights and backlighting: Nomads has set off to conquer Istanbul!