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Guangzhou Ballet

Coemar lights up Oriental Art 
This time, for a change, China chooses an Italian product: the Infinity Spot XLs illuminate The Guangzhou Ballet.
Castel Goffredo (Mantua), 17th June 2010. “Returning late at night through whirling snow” by the famous playwright Wu Zuguang is a magical story that has captivated Chinese audiences for over a century. It has run several times in the main theatres in the country such as the Beijing Opera and the Guangdong Opera, and it has also been broadcast on television. Now, to mark the 9th China Art Festival, the same story has been made into a ballet.
The Guangzhou Ballet has just finished its tour of over 100 performances in the most important theatres in China, staging a show characterised by sensual dances, evocative music and incredible lighting effects.
The light designer of the event, Sun Tianwei, well-known in the sector for the many prizes and awards he has won, chose for this fantastic romantic show the Infinity Spot XL by Coemar, the Italian company based in Castel Goffredo.
For the occasion Sun Tianwei adopts a simple clean-cut style using black and white as the main colours: the key to the show is the emphasis on the astonishing effects of the ballet, the movements and forms of the bodies on stage.
The Infinity Spot XL meet all the requirements of the show: they provide unrivalled lighting power, due to optimal use of the 1500 W source, controlled by an exclusive zoom range from 8° to 49° and the mechanical and electronic precision dimmer. In addition, with their outstanding CMY colour mix system, the atmospheric back light effects, the extraordinary variety of aerial and break-up effects, rotating prisms and gobos, they hold the audience spellbound.
The spectacular nature of oriental art and traditions combines with Made in Italy quality to create innumerable effects which have won over audiences in all the most important Chinese theatres.