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Jonas Brothers' Burning Up Tour 2008

Jonas Brothers' Burning Up Tour

Lighting Designer John LaBriola
Lighting Contractor Inner Circle Distribution

Coemar Infinity Wash Lights on Jonas Brothers' Burning Up Tour

The second leg of the Jonas Brothers' Burning Up tour, which features a completely new design that's double the size of the trio's winter arena tour, called for much bigger lighting and video layouts, along with flashy pyrotechnics and eye-catching lasers.
As for the lights, "Coemar Infinity Wash XLs are my preference," says lighting and video designer/programmer John LaBriola. "I'm using 40 or so Infinities as the primary wash for the tour. I'd been using a different brand of lights ongoing through the Orlando show, when Coemar came out to demo theirs. Well, I put the Infinities up against the others, which were just blown away by the Coemars' output and color maintenance! And so, I'm now using them as the main base of the rig in terms of wash."
Coemar Infinity Wash XL lights afford full-range dimming, synchronized or random strobe effect, a completely electronic strobo zap, pan/tilt, and black out. They incorporate a CMY-S color mixing system with new saturation mode (patented) as well as a zoom proportional from 5 to 84, and come complete with moonflower and beam effects.
"I love having the option of beam shaping on the wash lights," adds La Briola. "And the other unique features really add some new parameters. For instance, having the extra color saturation parameter makes the lighting look that much better. The primaries are perfect. And the Infinities look great in the 3D concert film that's in the works."
LaBriola maintains that the Coemar Infinity Wash XL lights' durability "is a plus. I have done shows every day, and have yet to swap a lamp, let alone a fixture!"