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Infinity M Series at Minute To Win It

Lighting Minute To Win It - With Coemar
Coemar Infinity family used to dramatic effect on lighting for new television quiz show
Entertainment lighting specialist White Light - UK distributor for innovative lighting manufacturer Coemar - recently teamed up television lighting supplier Richard Martin Lighting to let lighting director Will Charles sample Coemar’s Infinity range of products - Spot, Wash and ACL - while lighting the UK version of Minute To Win It, a new TV challenge show based on a US show of the same name.
Produced by Shine TV for ITV2, the show was shot at BBC TV Centre’s TC6 studio. However, part of the challenge faced by set designer Simon Kimmell and lighting director Will Charles was the production’s desire to feel like it was hosted in a sports stadium rather than a 600 square metre studio!
To help with this, Charles deployed the additional “fire power” of the high-output Coemar fixtures, making use of Infinity Spot Ms, Infinity Wash Ms and Infinity ACL Ms. “I used the Infinity Spots as ultra-wide backlights for the team entrances, the Infinity Washes as coloured audience front washes, and the Infinity ACL for creating ‘fingers’ of light framing the downstage screens,” Charles recalls.
“The lights certainly helped us fulfill the brief; the producers at Shine seemed happy that we had produced a look as good if not better than the productions already on air in the US, Germany and Australia. There are usually many things I would change in hind-sight, but for this show I believe my team of David Bishop on moving lights and Catalyst, Oliver Lifely on generics along with the excellent lamp techs from Richard Martin and the BBC racks engineers and sparks crew created something to be proud of. I’d certainly recommend these lights - and would be happy using them again.”
All of the Coemar Infinity M fixtures offer light output comparable to other 1200W units despite only being 700W fixtures - less electricity used, less heat generated and also from fixtures that are more compact than standard 1200W fixtures. All offer CMY colour mixing plus a CTO wheel and colour wheel. The Infinity Spot M has twin gobo wheels, twin prisms, 10-44 degree zoom range, iris and strobe; the Infinity Wash M has a 6-42 degree beam range, beam shaper and moon flower aerial effect, while the Infinity ACL M is a dramatic ACL beam-type effect complete with variable beam and aerial effects.
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Photo courtesy of White Light, photography by James McKenzie.
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