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Coemar in Alingsås

Lights in Alingsås is an important international meeting point for lighting designers, students and companies. Lights in Alingsås, with around 70,000 visitors, has become the largest exhibition of lighting design in public spaces in Northern Europe.
Throughout this time, outdoor environments and anonymous facades of the palaces are transformed into warm and colorful spaces, creating new and attractive venues in the city.
This year, Coemar has been equipment sponsor of the event, lighting up the typical places of the city. The lighting design installation, realised with Coemar products and Coemar technical support, has been named “The Water Site” in memory of a old textile industy in Alingsås that disposed of their dyes in the river, regularly changing the color of the water. This project, in cooperation with the Light Designer Graham Festenstein, tells a story that helped shape the industry of Alingsås and brings color back to the river.
Following a route through the town, visitors get the rare opportunity to experience top quality architectural lighting.

 Photo Credits:  Patrik Gunnar Helin