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Coemar has provided speed and versatility at Leefest 2012

This June, audio and lighting company DBSL Ltd helped light up Leefest 2012 in South London.
Among the lighting kit were several Coemar Infinity M Spot fixtures, adding variety, colour and intensity punch to the show’s varied line-up. Dan Bunn, Director of DBSL, chose the Coemar fixtures because of their quickness and versatility. Compared to similar fixtures, Mr. Bunn said the Infinity Ms “definitely stood out. The gobo choice was brilliant, and the zoom worked really, really well.” Mr. Bunn expects the Coemar fixtures to get more use on DBSL projects in the future. The Coemar Infinity M Spot fixtures were supplied by White Light, Coemar's UK distributor.

Photo Credit: Matthew Richards