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Reflection LEDko FS illuminate the Nativity scene in St.Peterís Square

The traditional nativity scene realised last Christmas in St. Peter's Square in Rome, which included one hundred characters made of terracotta, has been created by Francesco Artese, one of the most famous exponents of the southern school of traditional nativity sculpture. The most striking characteristic of Artese’s work was the recreation of the typical landscape of Matera's Stones and the reproduction of rural life scenes. In order to give more realism to the environment, the scenery was lighted up by Coemar Reflection LEDko FullSpectrum that did lend the perfect daylight and night shades to the sky and the landscape. This was possible thanks to the multiple colored LEDs that generate a fully uniform beam of light that can reach any color, thanks to digital color filters, and any white from 3000 K to 9000 K.

Installation by: AMG International