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Energy efficiency and technological improvements are inherent to our choice of lighting: Telenorba, the Puglia group specialised in TV, cinema and multimedia productions, has recently renewed its lighting array, and one of its choices was Coemar - upon the express wish of technical director Dino D’Alessandro. 
The Castel Goffredo firm, famous world-wide for its entertainment lighting, is increasingly present in the television studios with its LED-based products that help to make TV shows even more spectacular but, at the same time, more efficient. 
“High performance levels together with energy savings, reduced conditioning costs and lower maintenance costs are all possible nowadays thanks to the use of LEDs. And when you choose a company like Coemar, with its great experience,” says Dino D’Alessandro, “you're sure that your lighting will be a fantastic show in itself”. 
The studio walls are lit up by as many as twenty-four StageLite LED SC and twenty StageLite LED Sc devices with 50° optics. The latter produce a wonderfully spectacular effect in the studio with their LED light source divided into 3 lines, each independently directed so as to create a symmetric or asymmetric beam. 
Ten RazorLite LED devices, consisting of 36 LEDs with the RGB colour mixing system and elliptical optic, complete the wall lighting. The faces of the journalists, on the other hand, are lit up with the aid of ten ParLite LED Natural White 4000K devices, ten Wash LEDs and five PinLite LEDs.
The Telenorba TV news service is focusing more and more on the future, thanks to its technical director and thanks also to Coemar, whose ongoing product improvement lies at the roots of its great success.