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Coemar's lights on board of the most beautiful and amazing Ship Theatre in the world

Written & directed by Paul Kirby
Designed by Adriana Kelder
Music composed by Ivan Marovic
Lighting Design by Robert Steen
A pirate tale of trial and triumph in the virtual sea. The saga of the swash-buckers of vagabond who virtually abscond with the ill-begotten imperial treasures of the malevolent paradise privateers and sail through the operatic corsairs upon the sea of anarchistic renegades into the mare-times beyond.

The Caravan Stage Society Inc. has a most unique theatre venue -- a 30 meter tall ship, the Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre. After 27 years of touring contemporary professional theatre the Caravan now tours its innovative theatrical productions on to the deck of the Amara Zee, a unique Ship Theatre, now sailing and performing in Europe.

PRESS RELEASE -  31st May 2013

Coemar sponsors the Caravan Stage Company, Tall Ship Theatre
The Caravan Stage Company, with the tall ship, Amara Zee, after touring the rivers and seas of Europe, is coming back to North American.
The Caravan directors, Paul Kirby and Adriana Kelder are very pleased and excited to work with the renowned and respected Coemar. The Caravan is a non-for-profit professional company that has performed their original contemporary spectacles on their theatre ship for communities all over North America and Europe. The Caravan is very pleased and grateful for the generosity and support of Coemar to help promote and encourage the arts internationally, crossing borders and sharing cultures.
The Amara Zee, the custom-built theatre ship, was originally built in Kingston, Canada from 1993 to 1997. From 1997 to 2005 the company toured and performed in cities and towns through out the Atlantic seaboard, Great Lakes, and Gulf of well as small villages and communities that are not even on the official maps!
In 2005, the Amara Zee left New Orleans for the start of a five-year European Odyssey. Five years grew into eight, with visits to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Italy.
Along the way, the Caravan has worked with professional artists and theatre technicians from all these countries.
Artistic Director, Paul Kirby says: “The Caravan European Odyssey has been thrilling and exhilarating adventure.”
Now the time has come for the Caravan to return to North America. In 2013, a new show, an experimental musical called: ‘HACKED: The Treasure of the Empire!’ will be produced. It is a tale of pirate activists who, through virtual and creative manipulation, battle the corrupting icons of our past and present world.
The Caravan Stage Company heartily thanks Coemar for its lighting equipment donation with which the Caravan is able to further enrich the unique theatre experience it provides to its audience. The Caravan, on it’s beautiful traditional sailing ship the Amara Zee, will sail on to further adventures connecting water and land, arts and theatre, hearts and souls.

For more information, please contact:
Adriana Kelder, Producer Caravan Stage Company