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X-Factor and Extra Factor - RAI 2 TV Show

Coemar supplies its lighting equipment to one of the most popular programmes in 2010
Coemar, a world leader in the market of entertainment lighting, continues to play an important role in the birth of new stars. The Castel Goffredo company provided the lighting for the famous talent show X-Factor, both in Italy where the fourth edition has just finished and in the Ukraine where the programme is currently achieving surprisingly high audience figures. 
X-Factor has now spread throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and America to a total of 23 countries, but it started in the U.K. where it was the brainchild of the record producer Simon Cowell following the success of American Idol in the United States.
In Italy, where the programme has been highly successful since 2008, Coemar supplied 70 Infinity Wash XL to light the audience, judges and stage perimeter. With a 1400 W lamp, the Infinity Wash XL generate an exceptional lighting power and with the zoom ranging from 5° to 84° there is no need to change lens. The 94 ParLite Led were chosen for their high light output and limited consumption. 
In the Ukraine, where the programme is in its first edition, the light designer Ievgen Tsybinogin has chosen the power of the Infinity Wash XL, the innovation of the Infinity Spot M and the dependability of the Testa 2500 and Testa 1200. The sixty products were supplied by Alight, a Ukrainian rental company which in turn bought them from Ligthek, the official local Coemar representative. 
Once again, Coemar is proud to have been chosen to illuminate the future of all those singers who, by taking part in X-Factor, are shining a light on their talent.