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Reflection LEDko at Frischknecht AG, Switzerland

Frischknecht AG
Thun (CH)
Installing Company: Showtech GmbH
Swiss Distributor: Dr.W.A.Günther AudioSystems AG
Every showroom needs Coemar LEDko spotlights
LEDko brings the good mood
Ceramic, stone and glass – The Frischknecht AG in Thun (CH) is one of the best addresses for floor and wall coverings in Switzerland. To show clients samples of the various materials, a large showroom is open to visitors all year round. The exhibition in studio design facilitates the individual mixing of material and colors.
Since the end of July 2011, the exhibition shines bright in a new light – the light of Reflection LEDko spotlights by Coemar, to be exact. The decision for these Italian new developments was an easy one, as the new technology features many advantages: the lights are energy efficient, produce less heat and are still bright and colourful.
Rochus Hunkeler, the project manager of Showtech GmbH, responsible for this installation, also likes the Italian reflectors: “The light of the Coemar LEDs are becoming better and better. And you just cannot compare the low power consumption of LEDs with the old spots. This project alone saves approximately 2’000 CHF per year, due to the energy-saving potential of LEDko.”

To present the different products in an optimal way, the “VariWhite” variant was chosen. With this type it is possible to vary the colour temperature and light intensity for every special material. And they are compatible to already existing lens tubes, a cost effective option, used also in this installation.