Coemar Care

Choosing a Coemar floodlight means putting yourself in safe hands and knowing that technical assistance will always be there. The Coemar Care service creates a direct link between customer and manufacturer so that efficient performance can be guaranteed at all times, anywhere in the world. This is why Coemar has its own team of fully qualified and highly trained experts who pool their efforts to provide an impeccable after-sales service. In choosing Coemar you are opting for a reliable supplier who will remain at your side to ensure the complete success of all your projects.

Innovation quality service

Innovation is not only measured by the evolution of products or processes. Quality and service are increasingly becoming the indicators of differential value, two factors ensuring that Coemarís products meet the customerís exact requirements, two competitive levers that make Coemar floodlights the prime choice in terms of technology and performance, in the knowledge that real energy saving and an efficient after-sales service are guaranteed.

Efficiency and technology

Efficiency and effectiveness are the rails along which the technological evolution of products by Coemar runs. A fully qualified team of experts devote their daily efforts to seeking new technologies that will form the next chapter in the story of illumination, where performance will have to meet unprecedented environmental requirements.

Coemar looks to the future

Product diversification and providing new markets †with Coemarís distinctive quality.
Shared and cross-disciplinary knowledge in the field of lighting enables Coemar to increase its presence in traditional markets and exploit the know-how acquired in related markets at an international level.

Looking to the future of lighting means establishing the route for development, starting from Coemarís extensive cultural and historical knowledge. By introducing latest-generation technology, Coemar remains faithful to its heritage, while making quality and service the key assumptions for tomorrow.

Light is first and foremost an emotion. Coemar is ready for change, so that the wise use and dynamic control of light can be optimised.