LEDko lights up the Blue Planet Aquarium in Copenhagen

The whirlpool-shaped Blue Planet aquarium has opened to the public in Copenhagen March 2013. The Blue Planet, the largest aquarium in Europe, contains a total of 53 aquariums and displays, housing over 450 different species of fish and creatures that can be found in rivers, lakes and oceans. The Coemar Reflection LEDko 3200 K fixtures light up over 20.000 exotic marine animals, which include sharks, sea lions, dwarf crocodiles, moray eels, barracudas and much more.
The Reflection LEDko “Multi LED” beam of light is perfect for museum applications because the LEDs source does not generate any heat nor UV rays. Reflection LEDko also allows to reduce power consumption levels by up 75%. The Blue Planet is designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient as part of their mission to further and promote solutions that benefit the environment and nature.

Installation by: Matrix Group – www.matrixgroup.dk–  Coemar’s Danish partner
Lighting Design: Jesper Kongshaug



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