Expo 2015

Milan – Coemar, ambassador of the made in Italy in the world, is proud to be present and bring the emotion of its light in an extraordinary occasion such as Expo 2015, more precisely in the Pavilion Zero: the starting Pavilion of the world exhibition 2015; so we illuminate the men’s first steps on Earth with the products: Reflection LEDko TM VariWhite, a completely motorized profile spot light, with a 200 watt LED engine, ultra-silent in its operations with a zoom range of 15°- 30°, iris, shutter blades and framing system, electronic strobe and gobo holder as well as Reflection LEDko P White 5600 K, the ideal LED replacement of the traditional with halogen lamps with 750 W. The project is born from the collaboration with Aldo Solbiati, lighting designer and responsible for the lighting concept at the Pavilion Zero. The Pavilion Zero, at the entrance of the Expo 2015, spreads over 10.000 meters. Davide Rampello, its curator, had to interpret the theme “Feed the planet” through the history of food, which coincides with the history of evolution. The Pavilion, formed with wooden cones high from 20 to 26 meters, tells the history of evolution as the history of food culture through strong theatrical scenes. Everything is based on the empathy between the visitor and the realized objects, showing the quality of Italian craftsmanship. The construction of the objects in fact involved dozens of carpenters, blacksmiths, carpenters and painters called to work on both traditional and synthetic materials. The Pavilion is a path through 12 rooms plus a conclusive room dedicated to five stories of good feeding practices. The Pavilion starts with a giant memory archive 23 meters high and 50 meters wide, fronted walnut and beech, made of drawers and wall panels and inspired by the systems of artificial memory of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. On the back of this facade is projected the first arts: hunting, fishing, farming and ranching. Then, the 23 meters high Tree of Knowledge piercing the roof, that directs to the room of the vegetable culture, an enormous spices archive. Then switch breeding, a giant Noah's Ark with fifty animal in 1:1 scale. That of receptacles is instead the only room with authentic archaeological material: fifty bottles and jars even thousands of years before Christ. The season of modernity begins with the room dedicated to industrialism, then you get into a global worldwide bag of food, with wide-screen, that on the back of it there is the room of  the hyper-consumption and food waste. You end up with the cultivated nature and respectful of the Earth, as a picture of a future of hope. It’s in this context that Aldo Solbiati developed his idea and lighting project. Aldo’s goal was to use exclusively LED sources for the minimal environmental impact. Here the reason for a motorized profile spot light with extremely low power consumption, succeeding to replace the performance of a halogen lamp of 1000 watts with only 200 watts of consumption to respect our environment and our planet Earth. Coemar, for years engaged in designing "green", was delighted to take up the challenge and listening to the specific requirements of Aldo Solbiati, developing specifically for the Pavilion Zero the LEDko TM.
  • Aldo Solbiati