Entertainment lighting

In the year 1933, a small group of lighting engineers based in Milan, Italy, decided to form a company in order to create products for the performance industry.
Through the years, Coemar has always taken the initiative to look beyond what is “available” and pursue the unimaginable. Proudly, Coemar accepts this role in the lighting society as the Artists of Lighting Technology.


COEMAR, an acronym of Costruzioni Ottiche Elettriche MARcucci, was established in Milan in 1933 for the purposes of producing lighting equipment for civil and military use.

Coemar innovations
Wheather proof military lantern
Color Wheel
Followspot  USL/L 900W

The production of projectors for creative lighting was added to this initial activity when the company moved to Castel Goffredo, in the province of Mantua, in 1970, guided by a young local designer who bought it with four shareholders.

Coemar innovations

In the ’80s Coemar introduced the concept of “intelligent lighting” with the first projector with a moving mirror, the Robot, which would prove to be a turning point in the disco lighting sector.

Throughout the ’80s and ’90s Coemar focused on the disco and club market, producing groundbreaking devices such as Venus, Mantra, Spartan and Jupiter.

Despite being hugely successful in this sector, Coemar began to focus also on the theatre world, creating installations and projects for the largest stages in the world.

The production of projectors for the theatre sector was increased and improved due to the collaboration of Mike Lowe, former director of Strand Lighting, who in the ’80s joined the theatre company that Coemar had set up to support its new developments in the theatre products market.

Coemar also made the most of a big opportunity for success in the market of small and medium clubs/bars with the production of small devices with the TAS brand, acquired by Coemar at the end of the ’80s.

Coemar innovations

In the early ’90s Coemar launched the NAT (New Advanced Technology) range, which included projectors equipped with a patented moving head, able to project light at 360°. With this new range of devices, Coemar asserted its role as an innovative company in the sector of professional performance lighting.

Coemar innovations
Nat TM 1200
Nat TM 2500

In 1997 Coemar launched a new challenge: the CF (carbon fibre) range, unique products in carbon fiber, powerful, fast, lightweight and resistant with an unmistakable design.

These projectors were used to light important events and concerts all over the world.

Coemar innovations

In 2001 Coemar was bought by a British financial group.

Coemar made great progress. It laid the foundations for expansion on an international level, which proved to be constant and rapid on all fronts. In particular, the company began to penetrate the US market, which was strategic for the performance industry.

Coemar innovations
iSpot 575
iProfile Flex
Fiera 1200

At the end of 2005, the stockholder decided to return the company management to Italy. In 2006, with a completely Italian management, a plan was implemented that involved: an emphasis on the international nature of the company with an increase in the sales network to approximately 50 distributors globally; the modernisation of the product range, focusing on innovation; and the standardization of the ranges.

The LiteLed range was introduced, in the PAR, STAGE, PIN, STRIP and CYC versions, which became the “new classic” of traditional lighting using LED technology, the latest frontier in terms of light output and energy saving.

Infinity Wash XL came out in 2006 and opened up a new way of understanding light in terms of stage creativity and dramatic effects. Covered by numerous patents and having won leading international awards, Infinity Wash XL was the first of a range of “moving head” projectors. It is now the most complete range on the market with the Infinity XL, Infinity S and Infinity M series (with MULTILAMP technology).

Coemar innovations
ParLite Led
StageLite Led SC
Infinity Wash XL

In September 2010 Coemar won the coveted Prize For Innovation, presenting a line of projectors which exploit, for the first time with a LED, the physical properties of reflection of the light. In the Reflection projectors, in fact, the LEDs project the light onto a mirror surface which reflects it to the outside guaranteeing perfect colours and extreme purity throughout the white light range. The Reflection range comprises the Full Spectrum and VariWhite models.

In October at LDI Las Vegas Coemar won the award for creativity.

Coemar innovations
Reflection FullSpectrum
Reflection White

In April 2011, Coemar presented Reflection LEDko at its world debut at Frankfurt with the innovative patented Soft Profile optics. The first LED profiler capable of projecting soft edged profile light, plus the possibility of obtaining any colour tone and shade, and any white light, intends to revolutionise traditional lighting with energy savings of 75%.
The market response is immediate. Reflection LEDko is particularly welcome where technological innovation and energy savings are paramount, as in TV studios, cruise ships, churches and museums.
In June 2011 Reflection LEDko received a special mention during the ABTT 2011 Awards ceremony, which every year awards prizes for new theatre technologies and equipment.

Coemar’ Reflection LEDko is the catalyst around which the company’s product range revolves.

In October 2011 Coemar ownership is once again Italian with the acquisition of the company by Salvatore Grillo.
The management now focuses on reinforcing its successes and achieving new objectives entering the architectural sector.

Coemar innovations
Equipped with Profile 28/40
Equipped with Lens Tube 19°
Equipped with Lens Tube 36°

Coemar is constantly moving in the direction of new technologies. Market needs and feedback from our customers provide a constant flow of ideas for new developments and innovations.

Coemar innovations
LEDko FullSpectrum 6 HD Studio +
MiniLEDko Series

Our values

Coemar Care
Innovation quality service
Efficency and technology
Coemar looks to the future

Passionate to ispire creativity and create emotions.


The company operates internationally in the so-called “intelligent light” segment, high technology projectors with special functionalities used for entertainment and architectural applications: concert, tv studios, theatre, museum, fashion show, corporate exhibitions etc.

Coemar is recognised as one of the leading brands on the market for the production of top-range projectors in terms of performance, quality and technological innovation.

Coemar was one of the first companies in the world to truly understand the potential of using LED lighting in a fixture. A true pioneer, it has invested the economic and human resources needed to develop this state-of-the-art technology, achieving many international awards.

The company’s management offices are located in Castiglione delle Stiviere, Mantua, and the company is present in five continents with a network of 50 or so distributors.

Choosing a Coemar floodlight means putting yourself in safe hands and knowing that technical assistance will always be there. The Coemar Care service creates a direct link between customer and manufacturer so that efficient performance can be guaranteed at all times, anywhere in the world. This is why Coemar has its own team of fully qualified and highly trained experts who pool their efforts to provide an impeccable after-sales service. In choosing Coemar you are opting for a reliable supplier who will remain at your side to ensure the complete success of all your projects.