What is Retrofitting?


LED lighting has completely changed the lighting industry.
However, replacing lighting installations based on halogen/discharge lamps can be very expensive and it is hard to find a reliable solution to every luminaire on the market. For this reason, our R&D team designed a retrofit solution for any old fixtures fitted with traditional bulbs.

Our desire was to make a step forward in LED Technology.
Our goal was to transform any old halogen/discharge lighting fixtures in modern and DMX controllable work tools.

To make this possible we designed powerful external electronics capable of managing our new LEDs at their full potential. The result is a new retrofitting tool that enables the control of all your lighting equipment via DMX.

Customizable sockets, LED units and wattage.
Analyzing the dissipation system and the general fixture characteristics, our R&D team will design the best suitable retrofit kit for your luminaire. In this way you will have the best luminous flux possible in your lighting fixtures.


Strong luminous flux

Thanks to the most advanced technologies, the light output of these retrofit LED is comparable to the performance of traditional lamps.

High quality light

The best light quality possible. High CRI is always recommended when the color rendering has priority versus the general light output (e.g. HD broadcast applications or museum installations).

Versatility & Plug and Play

Different sockets to retrofit any fixture & tailor-made LED group. Two CCT (3200K and 5600K) in two CRI versions available (90 and 97). VariWhite version only with ReLite Kit (CRI>95).
Easy installation and no maintenance needed.

ReLite LED Kit

The new generation of LED retrofit lamps

Our ReLite Series covers a wide range of products and includes all retrofitting advantages such as the easy installation, the considerable energy/cost saving and reduction in maintenance costs.

From ReLite Lamps to ReLite Kits we guarantee improved light output and a total flexibility of use.

ReLite Led Kit features an external box that keeps the electronics outside the fixture, thus avoiding the overheating of the projector and consequently the instability of the luminous flux.

Last but not least, you will have the possibility to transform
your fixed white fixture into a variable white LED luminaire.