What is Aquaculture?


Aquaculture is defined as the controlled farming of aquatic organisms, including fish, shellfish, aquatic plants and other species. One of the main challenges of aquaculture lighting is to create a controlled environment while protecting fish’s welfare, according to the animals’ daily and seasonal cycles.

Coemar solutions to maximise aquaculture

There are many aspects to consider about light impact on fish, such as intensity, distribution and quality. In collaboration with experts and institutes, Coemar team has created advanced LED systems focused on animals’ needs, with a perfect and uniform simulation of natural day light utilizing fish light spectrum.


Bright & tunable fixture

The tunable light technology allows a constant adjustment of the color temperature and intensity, providing a natural lighting and a smart management system.

Air convection cooled design

Thanks to its air convection cooled design, Sunlite LED increases heat transfer and its rapid dissipation, so that there is no need for an added fan and fixtures are silent.

Ideal for harsh conditions

The product offers higher levels of protection against moisture, immersion, water and other conditions, so it is particularly suitable also for challenging environments.

Sunlite LED

The benefits of Sunlite LED technology

The Sunlite LED kis is specifically designed to optimize fish welfare, reducing stress and enhancing their development by adjusting intensity and simulating sunrise and sunset conditions.

Working side by side with customers, we have developed the most suitable LED lighting technology for their needs and applications, with many benefits: the optimization of light intensity with directed light beam, the synchronization of light with fish biological needs and greater energy efficiency thanks to remote monitoring and control.

Aquaculture Products