Royal Albert Hall – London

The Royal Albert Hall, London’s landmark venue, has purchased Coemar ParLite LED fixtures as part of a major re-vamp of its auditorium lighting. Coemar supplied the Hall with 54 ParLites, which have now been installed to uplight the columns that encircle the iconic auditorium at gallery level. ParLite Led is the "ideal digital substitute for the analogue Par Can": the compact, lightweight fixture offers bright RGB colour mixing, has no cooling fan and so operates silently. Moreover, where outdoor use is required, it can be transformed into a waterproof IP65 rating at any time. The RGB version of the ParLite is in use at the Royal Albert Hall, but it is also available in fixed white (3.200 K) and variable white versions where color mixing is not required. The Royal Albert Hall’s team, led by Senior Technical Manager Ollie Jeffery, chose the ParLites after carrying out an extensive set of auditions encompassing a wide range of lighting fixtures. They ultimately opted for the ParLites because of their color consistency, silent fan-free operation, and energy saving compared to traditional tungsten lighting fixtures. The ParLites now allow dramatic transformations to the mood and feel of the hall to be made quickly and easily from the lighting console. Ollie Jeffery commented: "We worked through the various options for transforming the auditorium lighting in the Hall and we ultimately settled on the Coemar ParLite – a choice with which we are very happy. Many of the Lighting Designers we have worked with have commented on the flexibility and quality of the new system."
  • Ollie Jeffery