Kulturm Solothurn – Switzerland

Light Design: Gfeller Licht- und Tontechnik AG, www.gfellerag.ch Swiss distributor: Dr.W.A.Günther AudioSystems AG www.audiosystems.ch Photo by: Claudio Knörr, Fabian Jauslin, Mario Albani, Marc Widmer, Gfeller Licht- und Tontechnik AG, and Kulturm. KULTURM SOLOTHURN COEMAR ILLUMINATES 500 YEARS OF HISTORY The ancient tower of Solothurn, in Switzerland, becomes the focal point for an exciting light show with LEDs supplied by Coemar. Castel Goffredo (Mantova), 13th May 2010. From 26th to 28th March, the famous lighting designer Stefan Gfeller illuminated the Kulturm tower of Solothurn, an important Swiss historical symbol. A spectacular lighting installation with Coemar LED products. Built in 1538 as a defence tower, Kulturm has been used over the centuries as a granary, prison and bunker; today it has become a multi-purpose cultural centre able to host theatre events and art exhibitions, and its facilities include a modern club lounge. The tower, characterised by irregular stonework with all sorts of nooks and crannies, became the focal point for a rather special light show. The light designer installed nine StageLite LEDs at the base of the tower and six StripLite LEDs in the loopholes: with their chromatic effects and the possibility of varying the projection angles, the Coemar products highlighted every curve of the building in an exciting play of light. In particular, the StageLite Leds positioned around the tower are motorised LED optical planes, with control of the effects and possibility of digitally adjusting the position of the light beam: concentrated, symmetrical or asymmetrical. The electronic dimmer lets you control the intensity of the light, while the RGB + white colour change system allows the colour mixing of each half line of LEDs. The StripLite Leds inserted in the loopholes created original contrasts thanks to the RGB LED sources. The projection angle can be varied thanks to two different optics (12° or 35°), and the electronic dimmer allows precision adjustment of the light intensity. LEDs, the last frontier of lighting technology in terms of output and energy efficiency, are ideal for highlighting the features of historic buildings thanks to their compact dimensions and low energy consumption. With its wide product range, Coemar is the ideal partner not only for concerts and modern event facilities, but also for bringing out all the charm and fascination of historic and ancient buildings.
  • Gfeller Licht- und Tontechnik AG
  • Claudio Knörr, Fabian Jauslin, Mario Albani, Marc Widmer