Théâtre des Champs Elysées – Paris

Our LEDko Tungsten profile spotlights have been chosen to illuminate the stage of the wonderful Théâtre des Champs Elysées, the first example of Art Deco architecture in Paris. The theater management decided to replace the old halogen with our products for the low maintenance needed and the excellent light quality, necessary to meet the musicians’ high expectations about lighting.
No more lamp change: the location of these profiles isn't easy to reach and we had to go over the proscenium every time a lamp was broken. No flickering: here we do a lot of capture for TV and everything has to work when there are cameras. The LEDko LEDs frequency can be controlled via DMX from 600Hz to 19000Hz and can be adapted to different types of cameras. No heat generation: the place, in addition to being dangerous to access, is a very dry place (the wood is 100 years old) and the less heat there is, the better. Super light - even more powerful than the old traditional fixtures - and excellent gradation. Easy to match with other lamps: we just had to correct them slightly with a filter, so that it mixes well with the light of our acoustic conch. After 4 months of use: they run every day and we are very happy with our purchase”. Pierre Martigne - Responsable Service Lumière
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