iProfile Flex

iProfile Flex is a moving head projector with variable luminous output of between 800W and 2000W. Together with a range of animated effects (including fire, snow, water and clouds), it also has the ability to precisely frame the beam into geometric shapes. Infinite colour, gobos, proportional zooming, iris, electronic “zap” strobing, electronic dimming, prisms and remote focusing complete the fixture, making it the most versatile fixture in its class. All of the fixture’s effects can be used simultaneously.

iProfile Flex
  • Animation: two animation wheels fitted with glass effects and translation movement. May be used concurrently with prism effects and gobos to create fire, water, cloud and other effects. Variable direction and speed.
  • Gobos: gobo wheel fitted with 6 glass gobos + white. Indexed, 16 bit positioning. Variable 8 bit direction and speed.
  • Color: full proportional CMY + CTO (orange color temperature correction) + 5 fixed colors + white on fully-customisable color wheel, for the creation of “color 3D”™.
  • “Best Color”™ (Patented): colors dynamically determine the output of the lamp, thus allowing an optimal level of light output to be maintained.
  • Prisms: 2 optical glass prisms, variable direction and speed
  • Framing System: four blade framing system with each shutter blade adjustable for radial position and angle. Assembly may be rotated 0 – 90 degrees.
  • Iris: proportional 10% – 100% aperture.
  • Optical Zoom: linear progressive zoom; free control of zoom and focus (for more information see lighting diagram)
  • Frost effect: achieved by defocusing system without losing light output
  • ZAP strobe: electronic strobe variable 0-100Hz, synchronised, random and pulse effect
  • Dimmer/Shutter: mechanical dimmer proportional 0-100%, with fade/pulse, blackout and chaser effect
  • Range of motion: 500° pan x 252° tilt, 16 bit.
Light source
Lamp Type: Philips MSR-2000 SA - 155.000 lm - 6000 K - 750 hours.
Physical size
  • Length: 370 mm (14.6 in)
  • Width: 545 mm (21.5 in)
  • Height: 930 mm (36.6 in)
  • Weight: 56.7 Kg (125 lbs)