iSpot Flex

lamp: Philips 2000W MSR/SA
code 105258
base: G22
lamp life: 750 hours
luminous flux: 155.000 lumen
movement: pan 500° – tilt 252°
effects: 6 position effects wheel can be used together with prisms and gobos. Variable direction and speed
gobos: two overlapping gobo wheels of 6 gobos each + open, allowing Moiré and morphing effects.
Variable direction and speed
prisms: 2 optical glass prisms, variable direction and speed
colours: full proportional CMY + CTO (orange colour temperature correction) proportional, + 5 fixed colours + white on fully customisable colour wheel for the reation of ‘color 3D’ ™
‘Best Color’ ™: colours dynamically determine the output of the lamp, thus allowing an optimal level of light output to be maintained.
frost: achieved by defocusing systm without losing light output
dimmer/shutter: mechanical dimmer proportional 0-100%, with fade/pulse, black-out and chaser effect
ZAP strobe: electronic strobe variable 0-100Hz, synchronised, random and pulse effect
optical zoom: linear progressive zoom; free control of zoom and focus
modularity: all optical modules are integral; detachable mechanical modules with multi-pin electrical connectors held by 1/4 turn fasteners. Modular PCB system with serial interface
ventilation: forced ventilation temperature control ‘Variabl Air Flux’™ system (patented)
display: 4 character, 17 segment LED display, all functions emulated by DR 2 remote
compatible with: DR2 (information exchange with PC through USB.e connection
control signal: DMX 512 protocol, 28 channels. Bi-directional communication with DR 2
power requirement: electronic ballast and PFC (power factor corrector), flicker-free, constant power.
weight: 52 Kg., 115 Lbs.
item code: 9116/1 in single case
9116/2 2 units in double case

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