“Cupid and Psyche” exhibition – Palazzo Marino

The Cupid and Psyche’s tale has been recreated inside Palazzo Marino in Milan, through the display of two pieces, "Cupid and Psyche" by Antonio Canova and "Psyche et l'Amour" by Francois Gérard. On this occasion, the sixteenth-century “Alessi Room” has been decorated with grass, hedges and woodland fragrances, in the suggestive atmosphere of a garden at night, bringing back to memory the place where Zephyrus brought Psyche for Cupid's desire. Coemar's Reflection LEDko Full Spectrum and StripLite Led, have been used in this magical and surreal atmosphere to enhance the elegance and the perfection of 'Cupid and Psyche'; the sculpture represents the young couple in a moment of absolute purity, with Psyche taking the hand of his Love and laying a butterfly, the symbol of her soul. The exhibition has had a great success and only during the first weekend about 12.000 visitors have stopped by.
  • Paolo Rodighiero
  • Aleart S.r.l