Meteorite Hall in Natural History Museum – Wien

On November 2012 the meteorite hall, the world’s largest meteorite exhibit, was reopened completely renovated and modernized. The Coemar Reflection LEDko P White 3200 K have been installed to light up this unique collection: with about 1,100 meteorites, many of which are historic falls or finds. The thematic stations include a display of all Austrian meteorites , fossil meteorites, as well as stations on Mars and the Moon, complete with displays of Martian meteorites, lunar rocks, and lunar meteorites. Other topics for the new display cabinets deal with meteorite showers and impact crater as well as impactites (rocks that formed during meteorite impact events). The Reflection LEDko P’s “Modular LED Array” beam of light is perfect for museum applications because the LEDs source does not generate any heat nor UV rays. Reflection LEDko also allows to reduce power consumption levels by up 75%. Coemar's Austrian partner: Leman Photo credit: nhm - Wien
  • NHM - Wien
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