Hengda Hotel – Guangzhou, Guangdong

Hengda Hotel Town: Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Light Contractor: Guangzhou Zhiliang Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd Lighting Designers: Design Team of Guangzhou Zhiliang Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd Photo by: Mr. Bao Jianjun COEMAR: A DREAMY ATMOSPHERE IN CHINA The Hengda Hotel in the region of Guangzhou - one of the most luxurious resorts in the world - is illuminated with 100% Italian Coemar lights. Castel Goffredo (Mantova), October 2010. Creating atmosphere with lights: Coemar's been doing just that since 1933, and with great skill too. The Castel Goffredo firm has always managed to thrill the public with its lighting for the world's biggest spectacles. Today its lights are also used in architectural settings. And the people choosing them are the most important international light designers, called in to make the most fabulous resorts really unique. The Hengda Hotel is a magnificent 5-star platinum structure, only recently opened in the region of Guangzhou in south-east China. Its already spectacular appearance becomes even more stunning in the evening, when the Coemar moving heads are switched on. The entire external lighting project, created by the lighting company Guangzhou Zhilliang, is highly innovative: it uses moving heads that are usually found in the theatre. Walking through the gardens and along the paths of the huge park during the evening, your eye is drawn to the incredible light beams lighting up the sky; the Infinity S model ACL, extremely powerful and dazzling, produce adjustable beams of 1.7° to 6°. The design includes 63 of them, some of which are located in the upper part of the building in order to create light beams towards the sky. Others have been positioned along two sides of the garden, to light up the darker areas and fill them with colour. The small moving heads of the Infinity S range have been combined with the larger Infinity Spot XL ones - moving heads that emit an exceptional lighting power, due to optimal use of the 1500 W source, controlled by an exclusive zoom range from 8° to 49° and the mechanical and electronic precision dimmer - . Together, they transform every shadow of the building into something unique. The Infinity Spot XL at the entrance produce a real metamorphosis of the environment, using the colours of the sea to almost create a seabed. Thanks to the remarkable CMY colour mix system and the extraordinary variety of aerial effects, break-ups, rotating prisms and gobos, the statues in the vast imperial park come to life and start dancing. The use of entertainment lighting in the architectural field makes everything more sparkling. The combination of Infinity ACL S and Infinity Spot XL is a marriage made in heaven. And thanks to the Coemar lights, the Hengda Hotel becomes even more glamorous and exciting.
  • Guangzhou Zhiliang Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Design Team of Guangzhou Zhiliang Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Bao Jianjun