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Lightning Project

Danilo Berardi - Production Director Philip Macina - Photography Set Designer Mario Contili - Coemar Design Office (


Tele San Marino has made a new TV Studio for digital terrestrial broadcasts that had to be flexible, suitable for different productions and able to provide 24 hours of continuous broadcasting. As for the lights, the request was to have an efficient lighting system in order to obtain a white light at 3200 K and with a high yield on the front of the speakers, as well as cuts and backlights, reduce energy consumption, not heat the environment (the studio is not equipped with air conditioning), avoid maintenance of equipment (replacement of lamps, gelatines, etc..) and the installation of a power unit given the limited space available. The maximum simplification of the electrical installation was also requested. The choice was directed towards the use of products with LED technology which would be real alternatives to traditional halogen lights typically used in TV studios, providing power and flexibility of use. Coemar developed a project based on Reflection LEDko that, with its multi-LED light source mixed with the origin, eliminates all the problems normally associated with traditional LED illuminators (multishadows, lighting source consisting of several beams of light).

Lighting concept and technical characteristics of products

The key products for the creation of the lighting project were 18 Reflection LEDko, the LED profilers with Reflection technology (patent pending) awarded for Innovation at the Plasa in London in September 2010, “because based on a Multi -LED light source that generates a beam of uniform light and mixed at source, no pixels, dots, and multiple shadows”. Chosen for the quality of light and the constructional attention of the product in the broadcasting world (flicker-free function with the ability to directly change the operating frequency of the LEDs from 500 to 5000 Hz through a DMX dedicated channel), Reflection LEDko, thanks to zoom adjustment of the exclusive patented Soft profile lenses, are the only ones currently available on the market that allow to create perfectly shaped beams with special louvers when the zoom is at a narrow angle and lens hood in wide angle conditions with a soft edge light projection and no reduction in light intensity due to additional filters. To the side lighting and backlighting 25 ParLite LED White 3200 K were chosen with 30° optics. For the sets, where it is necessary to spread the light more, 5 ParLite LED White 3200 K with 50° optics were used. For the completion of the lighting system 32 PCB were built in with 3 LED White 3200K with 6° optics with three DMX RegoBox Power power supply units to create bright white beams on the side scenes.

Projector used

  • 14 Reflection LEDko White 3200 K with Soft Profile Fresnel optic (Patented)
  • 04 Reflection LEDko White 3200K with Soft Profile PC optic (Patented)
  • 18 4 leaves Barndoors
  • 25 ParLite LED White 3200 K with 30° optic
  • 05 ParLite LED White 3200 K with 50° optic
  • 12 External Filter Holders with light frost filter
  • 32 PCB 3 LED White 3200 K with 6° optic
  • 03 Regobox Power DMX


The solutions provide:
  • energy saving, with a total consumption of only 4231 W;
  • a comfortable climate, despite the absence of air conditioning;
  • no maintenance by the technical staff;
  • optimization of the available space, thanks to the absence of dimmers that would be needed to control the traditional halogen products.
  • Tele San Marino