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FICO Eataly World is the biggest food farming park in the world dedicated to Italy’s high quality food industry. We are proud to have designed the entire LED lighting system of Luna Farm, the first amusement park with a farmer theme that opened in the FICO Eataly World in Italy (Bologna). We have cooperated on the project from the very beginning. Starting from the client’s brief, we decided which products to use in every area of the park and we designed, programmed and collaborated in the installation of the entire lighting system using LED technology.

1. Project requirements

  • Create lighting that adapts to different needs, such as scenes with variable brightness, different shades of white and multiple color combinations.
  • Enhance wood, the main material used within the park.

2. Proposal

We chose to proceed with luminaires with colored LED light source (RGB/RGBW), that guarantee flexibility and help create the required party atmosphere. For the easy management of the lighting system, each projector can be individually addressed and controlled via DMX signal and will work with RDM bidirectional protocol (Remote Device Management). In this way, the user will have the possibility to monitor the operating status of the projectors and to modify any work settings via an RDM compatible lighting controller (connected on a standard DMX line). RDM functions (Device Info, DMX Personality, Address change, Temperature sensors, Operating time, 180 ° display, Reset). Coemar managed the entire lighting system for Luna Farm, providing various rendering of the Fun House area. Rendering of the "Fan House" area, inside the Luna Farm.

3. Solution

Coemar Lighting outfitted the area (approx. 5000 m2) with more than 200 LED luminaires, providing the control systems too.
  • LEDko FullSpectrum
  • ParLite Led
  • SoftLite Led
  • PinLite Led
  • Panorama Led
We didn't just supply the lighting equipment, we also supervised the installation and programmed the entire lighting system making sure it was effective and properly set. New projects coming up? Contact our commercial team at, we will show you our new products and will help you develop your new LED lighting system.
  • Parco Fico - Luna Farm Theme Park
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