SeaWorld – Abu Dhabi

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With an area spanning over 180,000 sqm, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is the world’s largest and most progressive indoor aquarium. Our team at Coemar is extremely proud and honored to have worked on a unique product and solution to provide the lighting fittings for the entire animal habitat. A 6 months intense R&D work, which gave birth to Coemar’s new product: SunLite. Over 6250 fixtures build literally from scratch, following the most stringent lighting and spectrum requirements dictated by the zoologists and biologists to ensure the wellbeing of all animal species introduced to the park. Over 50.000 high efficient LED COB delivering a stunning amount of 121.168.538 lumen of high quality tunable white to replicate as closely as possible the sunlight spectrum from dawn till dusk.
  • Miral
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