Youtube Space in Rio de Janeiro

Project requirements Welson Camara: “The first objective of the project was to offer a range of versatile equipment in order to give directors of photography, lighting technicians and producers the necessary equipment that could satisfy every need of lighting for video, shows or events. The second important point was the analysis of suppliers:  the tradition of the brand and the quality of the after sales service and the after-sales guarantees. The third important point was to look at the stages of development of LED equipment from various suppliers. We checked dimming sensitivity, color rendering index, quality of pan and tilt movements of motorized products and the motor systems sensitivity that move the optical parts etc.” Client’s choice “Coemar is a consolidated brand that meets all the requirements. It traditionally offers lighting equipment for the entertainment industry and is always in step with the times. Coemar developed a flexible system of ellipsoidal, plane convex and Fresnel lenses bringing them together in a single LED light source. A multi-use lighting fixture in a video and entertainment production system with so many variables seemed to be the best choice. A whole line of moving lights and LEDs have proven to be extremely compliant and responsive to lighting operators. Coemar also helped us creating the "water effect" project for Main Square. In this way, we created a park of lighting products based on Coemar equipment that serves the studios and the areas of events and shows with absolute quality. Main Square Project - when designing the original You Tube Space Project, the plan was to build a pool in the center of Main Square, below the floor. This would give a visual composition with the sea in front of the "space". Due to environmental problems, the city hall of Rio de Janeiro rejected this first project.” Solution Coemar has been commissioned to create the same water effect in the central part of the Main Square floor, including the movement of the waves. We worked together with the client on this project and we did some research to find out the best technical solution. We choose our LEDko combined with 2 gobos, using them in counter-rotation to create the desired dynamic effect. We outfitted the area with approx. 80 LED luminaires: - 6 x LEDko TM Full Spectrum - 6 x LEDko TM Profile VariWhite - 16 x StripLite Led RGBW - 12 x ParLite Led RGB (12° lens) - 6 x ParLite Led VariWhite (2700-6500K, 12° lens) - 9 x Ledko FullSpectrum - 3 x Ledko FullSpectrum (white) - 8 x Panorama Led RGB IP 65 - 14 x Ledko D CRI 80 For the easy management of the lighting system, each projector can be individually addressed and controlled via DMX signal.