Multi-Purpose Centre in Orël – Russia


Dmitry Dzuba - Light Designer
SIM Company - Light Contractor
Ivan Rumyantsev - Light Project

Summer 2011 has seen the rise of the new Green Centre in the city of Orël in Russia, a multi-purpose building that aims to be a major point of congregation for the city. The structure is designed to accommodate sporting events, concerts, exhibitions and theatrical performances. Therefore the lighting had to be versatile to adapt to different types of events. The technical requirements of the client regarding the lighting design, foresaw several important points that had to be met.

The projectors had to:

• work at a height of 12-14 meters, providing optimum light output;
• weigh as little as possible, for structural reasons of the building;
• ensure uniform illumination, both on stage and in the hall, to ensure the involvement of the public during public events.
• be compact, so that 4 could be installed on each 2 meter structure.
• be versatile to adapt to a variety of uses.
• require minimal maintenance.

The choice of equipment was carried out through a careful selection, comparing various brands of projectors, made available by the Russian retailers. The choice fell upon the Coemar product following several comparisons, SIM company supplier.

Specifically, the following were chosen:

• 20 Infinity Wash XL 1400W, with zoom range from 5° to 84°, to ensure a uniform illumination throughout the hall;
• 12 Infinity Spot M, which scored the highest in the weight, compactness and light intensity ratio;
• 16 Infinity ACL M to obtain powerful beam of light adjustable from 3° to 7°;

The Infinity series won over the technicians not only for its performance but also for its ease of maintenance: their internal mechanisms are composed of easy to remove modules and the electronic boards are compatible between the various models of equal power.
  • SIM Company
  • Dmitry Dzuba