“Priscilla – The Queen of the Desert” – The Musical

Events / Productions
After Sydney, London, Toronto and New York, the Australian Musical "Priscilla - Queen of the Desert", a great success nowadays, has finally arrived in Italy. Based on the movie of the same name, already winner of the Academy Award and the Grand Prix du Publique at the Cannes Film Festival, it tells the adventures of three eccentric friends from Sidney traveling around Australia with their live shows. The three boys leave for a passionate adventure on board of an old pink bus nicknamed "Priscilla", accompanied by the notes of the '80s and '90s smash-hits (such as I Will Survive, Go West, It's raining men, What's love got to do with it, just to mention a few). Coemar Infinity Spot XL, thanks to its impressive ligh output and the infinite range of effects generated with its gobos and prisms, has enhanced the colorful, bright and lively atmosphere required by this Musical. Light Service: Audiolux Snc - www.audiolux.biz
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