Mardan Palace – Antalya

COEMAR ILLUMINATES THE DREAM ATMOSPHERE OF MARDAN PALACE Customized installations for the entertainment facilities of the luxury Turkish resort in Antalya. Coemar illuminates an oriental fairy tale: the meeting and party areas of the splendid resort of Mardan Palace in Antalya, Turkey, glitter with top-of-the-range lighting supplied by the Italian company Coemar, a market leader in entertainment lighting. The style of the resort combines the Ottoman-flavour gold colors and finishes with the clean-cut lines of European design, creating spaces with attention to every detail, where luxury is expressed to the full. To achieve a more harmonious blend of the lighting equipment with the architecture of Mardan Palace, Coemar has customized its projectors where necessary, coloring them gold or white according to their use. When it comes to deciding where to spend their evenings, the Palace guests are spoilt for choice. The jazz bar, where they can enjoy elegant musical performances while sipping a drink. A glittering discotheque, for those who prefer a livelier evening. The amphitheater, where traditional Turkish open-air music and dance shows are held. For receptions, big parties and important shows, Mardan Palace opens the Grand Hall, a multi-purpose hall with modular stage which can vary its size according to requirements. The jazz bar The stage is entirely lit by Coemar LED products, which produce a high output in limited dimensions, without heating the surrounding area. Thirty-six PinLite Leds guarantee the basic lighting, each with twelve 1.2 W Luxeon LEDs, four red, four green and four blue. Six iWash Leds moving heads are installed for the moving lighting effects: each projector is fitted with 37 LEDs in the 3 RGB colors, plus white for the tone variation. To light the backdrop, ten StripLite Leds with RGB LED sources have been installed. The discotheque The resort club is characterized by a central dais surrounded by tall white columns and side niches lined with matelassé effect colored silks and velvets. To make the atmosphere unique, the lighting designer has chosen high-power Coemar projectors, normally used for big outdoor concerts, and has customized them all in white. He then installed sixteen iSpot 1200 moving heads with CMY color mixing, two wheels for the aerial and break up effects and two rotating prisms, including one with 3D effect; eight iSpot 575 MB for further back light effects, concentrated beams and special effects; eight Infinity Wash XL which create splendid effects with the Coemar patented CMY-s® ground-breaking new color mix system able to achieve CMY and RGB colors. In addition, six C4 Strobe generate the typical strobe or pulsed effects, which can be synchronized by DMX, and the innovative "blinding” effect. What's more, the whole of the surrounding area is lit by five hundred and eighty PCB 3 RGB LEDs powered by 50 Regobox to highlight the sumptuous details of the niches and the private areas. The Grand Hall Due to the multi-purpose function of the hall, the Coemar projectors do not have a fixed installation but are chosen according to the type of event to be illuminated and its size. Here again, the Coemar products have been customized and colored all white or gold for a grand scenic effect. Forty ParLite Led gold colored projectors replace in one single device dimmer, scroller, par and strobe, in very compact dimensions. Each one is fitted with thirty-six LED light sources and uses an auto-sensing internal power supply. Smaller but just as high-tech, a further twelve gold PinLite Leds are arranged side by side to complete the basic lighting. Eight white Infinity Wash XL, with 1400 W lamp, generate an outstanding light output, ideal for gala evenings. Their zoom range is from 5° to 84° without the need to change lens, with the possibility of creating “ACL” effect at 5°; in addition to the Coemar patented color wheel, for color mixing and saturation, a prismatic effect wheel, also patented, permits a more versatile use of the projector than with the traditional Wash lights. For the lighting effects there are also ten Pro Spot 250 LX, featuring eleven colors plus white, an effect wheel, seven gobos, rotating prism and mechanical strobe; eight extreme iSpot eXtreme 6000 painted white, with 1400 W lamp, aerial effect wheel, six rotating gobos, two rotating prisms, mechanical and electronic strobe. The Amphitheatre The structure, made entirely of stone, is outside the palace. To light the wide backdrop, four Panorama Power lights are provided at the level of the dais, each fitted with two 575 W lamps with dual lamp system TLT: each lamp has a reflector and an independent power supply system provided by Coemar patented electronic ballast; this system halves energy consumption, maintaining the same brightness as similar products with lamps twice as powerful. The projector has four different frontal diffusion filters to vary and adapt the light beam generated to the surface to be lit. Their projection angle ranges from 17° to 134° and the position of the beam can be modified by means of three different diffuser filters. One hundred and ten Risalto projectors with PC and Fresnel lens for the basic lighting, controlled by DigiFactor power unit, are installed on the truss above the stage. The system, worthy of an international stage, is completed by eight Infinity Wash XL moving heads, eight I Spot 1200, eight ISpot 575 MB, ten IWash 575 MB, and ten ProSpot 250 LX which offer a huge variety of lighting effects, highlighting the artists' performances. “We are proud of the work we have done at Mardan Palace” comments Fausto Orsatti, Coemar Sales and Marketing Manager, “in fact we have succeeded in brilliantly solving the needs of the architects and light designers called in to create unique settings for a world elite.”